After the signed certificate is issued, upload the file from the Catalog SAML Metadata page and restart the service to update the metadata.


Generate the Certificate Signing Request.

Save the signed certificate that you receive to a file that you can access from the VMware Identity Manager console.


  1. In the Catalog tab, select Web Apps Settings > SAML Metadata.
  2. Click Generate CSR.
  3. Click Upload Certificate and navigate to the certificate.
  4. Click Open.
    The SAML signing certificate and the SAML metadata files are updated with the new certificate.
  5. Go to the Identity & Access Management tab, Setup > Connectors and click Restart.
    The metadata is updated in the connector.

What to do next

Important: Reconfigure all SAML service provider and identity provider configurations with the updated SAML metadata file. This includes reconfiguring additional connector that are configured. If this is not done, SAML transactions fail and single sign-on does not work.