The RSA SecurID server must be configured with information about the VMware Identity Manager appliance as the authentication agent. The information required is the host name and the IP addresses for network interfaces.


  • Verify that one of the following RSA Authentication Manager versions is installed and functioning on the enterprise network: RSA AM 6.1.2, 7.1 SP2 and later, and 8.0 and later. The VMware Identity Manager server uses AuthSDK_Java_v8.1.1.312.06_03_11_03_16_51 (Agent API 8.1 SP1), which only supports the preceding versions of RSA Authentication Manager (the RSA SecurID server). For information about installing and configuring RSA Authentication Manager (RSA SecurID server), see RSA documentation.


  1. On a supported version of the RSA SecurID server, add the VMware Identity Manager connector as an authentication agent. Enter the following information.
    Option Description
    Hostname The host name of VMware Identity Manager.
    IP address The IP address of VMware Identity Manager.
    Alternate IP address If traffic from the connector passes through a network address translation (NAT) device to reach the RSA SecurID server, enter the private IP address of the appliance.
  2. Download the compressed configuration file and extract the sdconf.rec file.
    Be prepared to upload this file later when you configure RSA SecurID in VMware Identity Manager.

What to do next

Go to the administration console and in the Identity & Access Management tab Setup pages, select the connector and in the AuthAdapters page configure SecurID.