The Workspace ONE portal default view shows a Catalog page and a Bookmarks page.

You can change the portal configuration to display only one of those pages. If you do not hide the Bookmarks page, you can select Show Recommended apps in Bookmarks tab to prepopulate the Bookmarks page with applications that are labeled Recommended.


  1. In the Catalog > Settings page, select User Portal Configuration.
  2. Select the box for the tab you want to hide, either Hide Catalog tab or Hide Bookmarks tab.
  3. If you select Hide Catalog tab, you can enable Show recommended apps in Bookmarks tab.
    The Bookmarks tab is prepopulated with applications that are labeled as Recommended.


The user portal view is refreshed to show these changes every 24 hours. To push the change sooner, as the administrator, open a new tab and enter this URL, substituting your domain name for https://<>/catalog-portal/services/api/branding?refreshCache=true.