You can change the VMware Identity Manager service URL, which is the URL that users use to access the service. For example, you might change the URL to a load balancer URL.


  1. Log into the VMware Identity Manager console.
  2. Click the Appliance Settings tab, then select VA Configuration.
  3. Click Manage Configuration and log in with the admin user password.
  4. Click Identity Manager FQDN and enter the new URL in the Identity Manager FQDN field.
    Use the format https://FQDN:port. Specifying a port is optional. The default port is 443.

    For example,

  5. Click Save.

What to do next

Enable the new portal user interface.
  1. Go to https://VMwareIdentityManagerURL/admin to access the administration console.
  2. In the administration console, click the arrow on the Catalog tab and select Settings.
  3. Select New End User Portal UI in the left pane and click Enable New Portal UI.