After you save the VMware Identity Manager on Windows configuration to the service-backup-hostname-timestamp.enc file and install Workspace ONE Access on Linux, you can run the configuration package on the Linux host.


  • Download the VMware Workspace ONE Access SVA file from the My VMware site at and deploy it on a Linux host and finish the setup wizard. See Installing and Configuring VMware Workspace ONE Access.
    Deploying the SVA file displays the setup wizard at https:// WS1AccessHostnameFQDN:8443/cfg/landing.
    • As a best practice, use different IP addresses and fully qualified domain names (FQDN) for the new Linux nodes than you used for your Windows nodes.
    • Because you use the configuration from your VMware Identity Manager 19.03 deployment on Windows, do not perform any configuration on the VMware Workspace ONE Access 20.01 deployment on Linux. Therefore, do not continue beyond the Get Started page of the setup wizard.
  • If applicable, upgrade your VMware Workspace ONE Access connector instances to VMware Workspace ONE Access connector 20.01.

    If your deployment is not integrated with Virtual Apps (ThinApp packaged applications, Horizon desktops and applications, or Citrix published resources), provide the newest connector functionality by upgrading your connector instances to VMware Workspace ONE Access connector 20.01. See Migrating to VMware Workspace ONE Access 20.01 Connectors.

    Important: Citrix, Horizon Connection Server, and ThinApp integrations are not available with the Workspace ONE Access 20.01 connector.
    • To use ThinApp packaged applications, use the VMware Identity Manager connector (Linux) version 2018.8.1.0.
    • To use other Virtual Apps, such Horizon desktops and applications or Citrix published resources, use the VMware Identity Manager connector (Windows) version 19.03.


  1. Using your preferred SSH client, log in to the Linux virtual appliance as the root user with the default password of vmware.
  2. Copy the service-backup-hostname-timestamp.enc file to the /root directory of the Linux virtual appliance.
  3. To configure Workspace ONE Access with your saved Windows configuration, run the /usr/local/horizon/scripts/ password command.
    Replace the placeholder, password, with the password you used to create the configuration package containing the service-backup-hostname-timestamp.enc file.
    The command restarts the service.

What to do next

Perform the necessary Workspace ONE Access post-migration procedures on the Linux system. See Workspace ONE Access 20.01 Post-Migration Configuration