To migrate VMware Identity Manager from Windows to Workspace ONE Access on Linux, first export the VMware Identity Manager configuration from the Windows system.


  • Upgrade the service to VMware Identity Manager 19.03 on Windows.
  • Upgrade all instances of the VMware Identity Manager connector to version 19.03 on Windows, unless you plan to use ThinApp in your deployment. For ThinApp integrations, use the VMware Identity Manager connector 2018.8.1.0 on Linux.

    For more info about which connector version to use with Workspace ONE Access 20.01, see Migrating Windows to Linux for VMware Workspace ONE Access 20.01 and the Migrating to Workspace ONE Access 20.01 Connectors guide.

  • If your Windows deployment uses Android SSO device authentication, access the Mobile SSO page in the VMware Identity Manager console to export the cert proxy configuration. To access the Mobile SSO page, log in to the configuration page of the primary VMware Identity Manager console node at https://vIDMhostnameFQDN:8443/cfg/certproxy.
  • Back up the configuration on Windows by taking snapshots of the original machines, including all applicable VMware Identity Manager, connector, and external database instances.


  1. Stop the appropriate VMware IDM services running on all the Windows service nodes in the deployment.
    For example, using the Windows Services window, select VMware IDM Service and click " Stop the service," then select VMware IDM Cert Proxy and click " Stop the service." Because Elasticsearch data is not migrated, you do not need to stop the Elasticsearch service.
  2. Download the Service Migration Support Tool from the Workspace ONE Access 20.01 download page on the My VMware site at to the INSTALL_DIR/support directory of the primary service node. Where INSTALL_DIR is a placeholder for the installation directory on your Windows system.
    The file downloads as exportServiceConfiguration.tgz.
  3. Uncompress the exportServiceConfiguration.tgz file.
  4. To export the configuration of the service to a configuration package, run the exportServiceConfiguration.bat password command.
    Replace the placeholder, password, with a password of your own creation for the configuration package.
    The command saves the VMware Identity Manager service configuration as a configuration package, which includes the service-backup-hostname-timestamp.enc file, to the INSTALL_DIR directory.

What to do next

Install Workspace ONE Access on a Linux machine and transfer the service-backup-hostname-timestamp.enc file to the Linux machine.