Starting with version, the VMware Workspace ONE® Access™ service (formerly known as VMware Identity Manager™) is available on-premises solely on Linux. You can perform the upgrade procedure from an existing VMware Identity Manager 19.03 deployment on Linux to Workspace ONE Access If your existing Linux deployment is not version 19.03, you must upgrade to 19.03 first.

To upgrade VMware Identity Manager 19.03 on Windows to Workspace ONE Access, do not perform the upgrade procedure. Perform the migration procedure, which includes a fresh installation of Workspace ONE Access on Linux. See Migrating Windows to Linux for VMware Workspace ONE Access 20.01.

For existing Linux deployments, if you prefer a fresh installation to an upgrade, see Installing and Configuring VMware Workspace ONE Access. Remember that a new installation does not preserve your existing configurations.

Workspace ONE Access as Part of the Workspace ONE Platform

VMware Workspace ONE ® is a secure enterprise platform that delivers and manages applications on iOS, Android, macOS, chromeOS, and Windows 10 devices. Identity, access, application, and enterprise mobility management are integrated into the Workspace ONE platform. Workspace ONE can be installed on premises or delivered as a SaaS deployment.
  • Workspace ONE Access delivers risk-based conditional access and single sign-on for Workspace ONE. Workspace ONE Access uses the user’s identity combined with other factors, including information about their device and network, to make intelligence-driven conditional access decisions.
  • Workspace ONE UEM services provide device enrollment, application distribution, and compliance-checking tools to ensure that remote access devices meet corporate security standards. Users from Workspace ONE UEM enrolled devices can log in to their enabled applications securely without entering multiple passwords.

Workspace ONE Access and Other Technologies

You must integrate the Workspace ONE Access service with several other technologies, including the Workspace ONE Access connector, which starting with version 19.03, is available solely on Windows. You must integrate the service with other VMware technologies, such as vCenter™, ESX™, and vSphere®. Knowledge of many other technologies is required, such as of Active Directory, databases, backup and restore procedures, Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP), and NTP servers. Knowledge of other technologies, such as VMware Horizon and RSA SecurID, is helpful if you plan to implement those features.