The Hub catalog is a component of Hub Service used in the Workspace ONE Access service to provide a single destination to users to access their web and virtual apps. Users can access their catalog from the Hub portal in a web browser. The Hub portal view is the default interface used when users access their apps with a browser.

When Workspace ONE Access and Workspace ONE UEM are integrated, users can install the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub app on their devices and access the Hub catalog on their devices.

Users can use the Intelligent Hub app to access their apps from iOS, Android, and macOS devices.

Note: When Workspace ONE Access and Workspace ONE UEM are not integrated, users can use the Workspace ONE app on their Windows devices to access their apps. When users on Windows devices access their apps from the user portal in a web browser, they are viewing the Hub catalog.

You customize the Hub catalog from the Hub Service console. You navigate to the Hub Services console from the Catalog > Hub Configuration tab in the Workspace ONE Access console.

Accessing Hub Services from Workspace ONE Access Console