Configure a dependency for each Workspace ONE Access service node virtual machine on a respective external database.

for Workspace ONE Access

Perform this specific configuration when you create a recovery plan in Site Recovery Manager. The following instructions are for 8.2, but might also be applicable to other versions. See Site Recovery Manager Administration.

When a recovery plan runs, Site Recovery Manager starts the virtual machines that other virtual machines depend on before it starts the virtual machines with the dependencies.

You can configure dependencies for many reasons. A common dependency for Workspace ONE Access is the dependency of a Workspace ONE Access service node on an external database. The following dependencies apply.
Component Virtual Machine Dependencies
External Database Not Applicable
All service nodes External Database
All connector nodes All Service Nodes


  1. In the vSphere Client or the vSphere Web Client, click Site Recovery > Open Site Recovery.
  2. On the Site Recovery home tab, select a site pair, and click View Details.
  3. Click the Recovery Plans tab, click a recovery plan, and click Virtual Machines
  4. Right-click a virtual machine that depends on one or more other virtual machines and click Configure Recovery.
  5. Expand VM Dependencies.
  6. From the drop-down menu, select View all.
  7. Select one or more virtual machines from the list of all virtual machines in the selected recovery plan.
    The selected virtual machines are added to the list of dependencies.
  8. Verify that the virtual machines in the VM Dependencies list are on and verify that the status of the dependencies is OK.
  9. (Optional) To remove a dependency, select View VM Dependencies from the drop-down menu, select a virtual machine from the list of virtual machines that this virtual machine depends on, and click Remove.
  10. Click OK.