When you cannot procure a new Windows server to migrate to Workspace ONE Access connector 20.10, you can install the 20.10 connector on a Windows server that is running the Workspace ONE Access 19.03.x connector. You can then migrate your legacy connector.

Note: If Kerberos authentication is configured on your legacy connector, you must use a separate Windows server to install the 20.10 Kerberos Auth service. Do not install the new Kerberos Auth service on the 19.03. x connector server. Workspace ONE Access does not support multiple instances of Kerberos on the same server.

If you are using an existing Windows server that has the 19.03.x connector installed, make sure you follow these guidelines:

  • Before you install the 20.10 connector, you must increase the CPU and memory on the server. Two versions of the connector will be running until the migration is complete.

    You must increase the CPU and memory to meet the needs of both 19.03.x and 20.10 connectors. See the 20.10 Sizing Guidelines in Installing VMware Workspace ONE Access Connector 20.10.

  • IMPORTANT: Take a snapshot of the machine before running the 20.10 connector installer. When you install the 20.10 connector, at the end of the installation process you might get a prompt to restart the connector host. Do not restart the host. If you do so, the migration process will fail and your 19.03 connector will become unusable. It is critical that you do not restart the machine until the entire migration process is complete. When the migration is completed successfully, you can safely restart the machine.
  • Do not stop or uninstall the 19.03.x connector until the entire migration process is complete.

After the migration is finished, you can stop the 19.03.x connector and uninstall it.