You must enable remote invocations between the Workspace ONE Access Integration Broker service and the Citrix server farm by setting up Citrix PowerShell remoting.

To set up Citrix PowerShell remoting, you install the Citrix PowerShell SDK on the Integration Broker server and verify that PowerShell remoting is enabled on the Citrix servers.

On the Integration Broker server, you must install the appropriate version of the Citrix PowerShell SDK. If you connect to multiple versions of Citrix server farms, install all the required versions of the Citrix PowerShell SDK on the Integration Broker server as the SDKs are not backwards compatible. For XenApp or XenDesktop 7.x and later, you install Citrix Studio, which includes the PowerShell SDK.

PowerShell remoting must be enabled on Citrix servers so that the Integration Broker server can connect to them and retrieve required information such as resources information, entitlements, and icons. You need to enable PowerShell remoting only on the Delivery Controllers or XML Brokers that you plan to configure in Workspace ONE Access, not on all the servers in your server farm. In XenApp or XenDesktop 7.x, these are the Delivery Controllers, which also act as XML Brokers. In Citrix server farms 6.5 and 6.0, these are the XML Broker servers.

For Citrix server farm 6.0, Citrix PowerShell Remoting requires a secure HTTPS channel to make remote calls. Ensure that the Citrix Delivery Controllers or XML Brokers have valid SSL certificates.