You can define your installation options in an XML file to use with the Workspace ONE Access connector installer in silent mode. The XML file contains a list of properties and values.

Defining installation options in an XML file is not a requirement. You can enter the options directly on the command line. However, using an XML file enables you to create an installation configuration and perform multiple installations quickly using the same settings.


  1. Log in to the connector server.
  2. Create an XML file named filename.xml.
  3. Copy and paste the contents of the sample XML file below into your XML file.
  4. Edit your XML file and modify the property values based on your installation needs.
    See Silent Mode Installation Properties for information about the properties.
  5. Save the file.

Example: Sample Installation Properties XML File

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
	<!-- List of services to be installed -->
	<property name="ADDLOCAL" value="UserAuthService,DirectorySyncService,KerberosAuthService" />

	<!-- Installation Directory -->
	<property name="INSTALLDIR" value="C:\VMware\Silent" />
	<!-- Installation Directory -->
	<property name="TARGETDIR" value="C:\VMware\Silent" />

	<!-- Provide the path for the es-config.json file which you downloaded from the Admin console. -->
	<!-- The file password will be specified through the command line argument WS1_CONFIG_FILE_PASSWORD. -->
	<property name="WS1_CONFIG_FILE_PATH" value="C:\Installer\es-config.json" />

	<!-- Proxy Configuration: 0 - No proxy, 1 - Configure Proxy -->
	<property name="WS1_IS_PROXY_ENABLED" value="0" />
	<!-- Proxy Host Name -->
	<property name="WS1_PROXY_HOSTNAME" value="" />
	<!-- Proxy Port Number -->
	<property name="WS1_PROXY_PORT" value="" />
	<!-- Proxy Authentication type: 0 - Anonymous, 1 - Authenticated -->
	<property name="WS1_IS_PROXY_AUTHENTICATED" value="0" />
	<!-- Proxy Username if proxy is Authenticated -->
	<!-- The proxy password will be specified through the command line argument WS1_PROXY_PASSWORD. -->
	<property name="WS1_PROXY_USERNAME" value="" />

	<!-- Syslog Configuration: 0 - No Syslog, 1 - Configure Syslog -->
	<property name="WS1_IS_SYSLOG_ENABLED" value="0" />
	<!-- Syslog Host name -->
	<property name="WS1_SYSLOG_HOSTNAME" value="" />
	<!-- Syslog port number -->
	<property name="WS1_SYSLOG_PORT" value="" />

	<!-- Trust Store Certificate(s) folder path. Provide the folder path for certificates to be installed in the truststore. -->
	<property name="WS1_TRUSTSTORE_CERTS_PATH" value="C:\Installer\Certificates" />

	<!-- Port for UserAuthService -->
	<property name="WS1_USER_AUTH_PORT" value="8090" />
	<!-- Port for DirectorySyncService -->
	<property name="WS1_DIRECTORY_SYNC_PORT" value="8080" />
	<!-- Port for KerberosAuthService -->
	<property name="WS1_KERBEROS_AUTH_PORT" value="443" />

	<!-- SSL Certificate for Kerberos Auth Service: 0 - Self-signed Certificate, 1 - SSL certificate -->
	<property name="WS1_ADD_SSL_CERT" value="0" />
	<!-- File path for the SSL Certificate for Kerberos Auth Service, in .pem or .pfx format -->
	<!-- If SSL Certificate is a .pfx file, its password will be specified through the command line argument WS1_SSL_CERT_PASSWORD. -->
	<property name="WS1_SSL_CERT" value="" />
	<!-- File path for the private key file if SSL Certificate is a .pem file -->
	<property name="WS1_PRIVATE_KEY" value="" />

	<!-- Domain Username for Kerberos Auth Service used to generate the keytab file, in the format DOMAIN\UserName -->
	<!-- The password will be specified through the command line argument IS_NET_API_LOGON_PASSWORD -->
	<property name="IS_NET_API_LOGON_USERNAME" value="win21021\admin" />

What to do next

When you run the Workspace ONE Access connector installer in silent mode, use the WS1_SETUP_CONFIG_FILE=filepath argument to specify the XML file.