You can perform an online upgrade of the Workspace ONE Access service to a specific version instead of the latest available version, if required.

Note: To upgrade to the latest available version, see Perform an Online Upgrade to Workspace ONE Access 20.10.



  1. Log in to the VMware Identity Manager virtual appliance as the root user.
  2. Run the following updatemgr.hzn command.
    /usr/local/horizon/update/updatemgr.hzn updateinstaller
  3. Run the following command to update the appliance to a specific version.
    /usr/local/horizon/update/configureupdate.hzn provider --url
    where newVersion is the version to which you want to upgrade.
    • To upgrade to version 3.3, use:
      /usr/local/horizon/update/configureupdate.hzn provider --url
    • To upgrade to version 19.03, use:
      /usr/local/horizon/update/configureupdate.hzn provider --url
    • To upgrade to version 20.01, use:
      /usr/local/horizon/update/configureupdate.hzn provider --url

    Messages that occur during the upgrade are saved to the update.log file at /opt/vmware/var/log/update.log.

  4. Restart the virtual appliance.
  5. Check the version of the upgraded appliance.
    vamicli version --appliance
    The new version is displayed.
  6. After you upgrade all the nodes in your Workspace ONE Access deployment, use the diagnostics dashboard to monitor system information health.
    1. Log in to the Workspace ONE Access console.
    2. Select Dashboard > System Diagnostics Dashboard.
    3. If your deployment consists of more than one Workspace ONE Access appliance, select the appliance you want to monitor.
    4. Check the status of the various services.
      For example, to check the health of the Elasticsearch service, review the Integrated Components section and confirm that the values for the Elasticsearch items are as expected. Therefore, the value for Elasticsearch - Health is Green, the information about the cluster nodes is accurate, and so on.


The upgrade is complete.