You can integrate your enterprise directory with VMware Workspace ONE® Access™ (formerly known as VMware Identity Manager™) to sync users and groups to the Workspace ONE Access service. Workspace ONE Access supports integration with Active Directory and with LDAP directories such as OpenLDAP.

When you integrate a directory, a limited number of user and group attributes, specified by the administrator, are synced to the Workspace ONE Access service. User passwords and any attributes other than the ones specified by the administrator are not synced.

The Directory Sync service is required for directory integration. Before using this document, install the Directory Sync service, which is available as a component of the Workspace ONE Access connector beginning with version 20.01. See the latest version of Installing VMware Workspace ONE Access Connector for information.

Related Information

Workspace ONE Access also supports other types of directories, such as local directories and Just-in-Time directories. For information about creating those types of directories, see the Workspace ONE Access Administration guide.