Workspace ONE Access uses Elasticsearch embedded in the Workspace ONE Access appliance for auditing, reports, and directory sync logs. In Workspace ONE Access version 21.08, Elasticsearch was upgraded to version 6.8.12.

Workspace ONE Access 20.10.X uses Elasticsearch 5.6.15. Elasticsearch 6.8.12 can read indices created in 5.6.15, but older indices must be reindexed to 5.6.15 to be used with Elasticsearch 6.8.12 or be deleted. Because Workspace ONE Access 19.03.X and 20.01 use Elasticsearch version 2.3.5, Workspace ONE Access 19.03.X and 20.01 must be upgraded to Workspace ONE Access 20.10.X before upgrading to Workspace ONE Access 21.08,

During the upgrade to version 21.08, the actions performed to reindex the indices are as follows.

  • Checks that there is enough disk space to reindex the data. If there is not enough disk space, a message displays that asks you to expand the disk space to the minimum required space and then restart the upgrade.
    Note: Reindexing Elasticsearch is a long process that can take over an hour to complete.
  • Deletes all the closed 2.3.5 and 5.6.15 indices that are on the appliance. Closed indices include data that is older than 90 days.
    Note: If you need to extract data from closed indices, contact VMware support before upgrading.
  • Creates a new index for all 2.3.5 indices and recreates the old index mapping.