You configured the database to use with Workspace ONE Access in the Setup wizard when you installed Workspace ONE Access. You manage the database in the Workspace ONE Access console Monitor > Resiliency page.


  • The database created in Microsoft SQL server as the external database server. For information about specific versions that Workspace ONE Access supports, see the VMware Product Interoperability Matrix.
  • To enable encryption, the Microsoft SQL server must be configured with a TLS certificate. Make sure that you can access the certificate to upload to the Workspace ONE Access service.
  • If you are changing the Microsoft SQL database configuration, make sure that the database user is granted the db_owner role. Members of the db_owner database role can perform all configuration and maintenance activities on the database.. See Change Database-Level Roles After Upgrade to Workspace ONE Access in the Workspace ONE Access Installation guide.


  1. Log in to the Workspace ONE Access console.
  2. Select Monitor > Resiliency.
  3. Click VA Configuration of the service node you want to configure and log in with the admin user password.
  4. Click Database Connection.
    Authentication Mode JDBC URL String
    Windows Authentication (domain\user)
    SQL Server Authentication (local user)

    To enable SQL Server Always On capability, set MultiSubnetFailover, to True in the JDBC URL

    Authentication Mode JDBC URL String
    Windows Authentication (domain\user)

    SQL Server Authentication (local user)
  5. Enter the login user name and password that you configured when you created the database. See Configure Microsoft SQL Database Using Local SQL Server Authentication Mode for Workspace ONE Access in the Workspace ONE Installation guide.
  6. To set up an encrypted connection between Workspace ONE Access and the Microsoft SQL Server, select Encrypt Connection.
    Note: An encrypted connection to the database increases the security of data transmitted across networks. However, enabling encryption can slow the performance on the SQL Server.
  7. If you have not uploaded the root CA signed certificate, click Upload to upload the certificate now
    Microsoft SQL servers must be configured with a TLS certificate to use the Encrypt Connection feature with Workspace ONE Access. See Microsoft SQL server documentation to configure the TLS certificate.
  8. Click SAVE to save your changes.
    When you click SAVE, the connection is tested to verify access to the database.

What to do next

(Optional) Change the database user role membership privileges.