To achieve failover and redundancy, you can add multiple Workspace ONE Access virtual appliances in a cluster. If one of the appliances shuts down for any reason, Workspace ONE Access is still available.

To create the cluster, you first install and configure a Workspace ONE Access virtual appliance, then you clone it. Cloning the virtual appliance creates a duplicate of the appliance with the same configuration as the original. You can customize the cloned virtual appliance to change the name, network settings, and other properties as required.

Before you clone the Workspace ONE Access virtual appliance, you must configure it behind a load balancer and change its Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) to match the load balancer FQDN. Also, complete directory configuration in the Workspace ONE Access service before you clone the appliance.

After cloning, you assign the cloned virtual appliance a new IP address before powering it on. The cloned virtual appliance IP address must follow the same guidelines as the IP address of the original virtual appliance. The IP address must resolve to a valid host name using forward and reverse DNS.

All nodes in the Workspace ONE Access cluster are identical and nearly stateless copies of each other. Syncing to Active Directory and to resources that are configured, such as Horizon or ThinApp, is deactivated on the cloned virtual appliances.