You can upgrade your existing VMware Workspace ONE® Access™ connector installation to version 22.09 to get the latest features, security updates, and resolved issues. Workspace ONE Access connector is a component of Workspace ONE Access.

Supported Upgrade Paths

You can upgrade to Workspace ONE Access connector 22.09 from the following versions:

  • 22.05
  • 21.08.x
  • 20.10.x
  • 20.01.x

Migrating from Versions Prior to 20.01.x

You can migrate from connector version 19.03.x to version 22.09 using the migration process described in Migrating to VMware Workspace ONE Access Connector 22.09.

Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) Mode (Workspace ONE Access FedRAMP Only)

Workspace ONE Access connector 22.09 supports Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 140-2 compliant algorithms.

To run the connector in FIPS mode, you must either perform a new installation of the connector, or upgrade a 22.05 connector that was installed in FIPS mode.

Workspace ONE Access connector does not support upgrading from a non-FIPS installation to a FIPS installation or from a FIPS installation to a non-FIPS installation. All connector versions prior to 22.05 are non-FIPS installations.

You cannot change the FIPS mode during upgrade. When you perform the upgrade by running the connector installer in graphical mode, the option to enable FIPS mode is not available. If you upgrade the connector in silent mode, any value you specify for the WS1_ENABLE_FIPS property is ignored.

Also be aware that you cannot change the FIPS mode after upgrade or installation.

All connector instances associated with your Workspace ONE Access tenant must either run in FIPS mode, or all must run in non-FIPS mode, regardless of which enterprise services are installed on them. You cannot deploy some connector instances in FIPS mode and others in non-FIPS mode.
  • Workspace ONE Access connector in FIPS mode is supported with Workspace ONE Access FedRAMP tenants only. Other types of tenants and on-premises Workspace ONE Access installations do not support the connector in FIPS mode.
  • The Virtual App service component of Workspace ONE Access connector 22.09 does not support FIPS mode.

Compatibility with the Workspace ONE Access Service and Appliance

Workspace ONE Access connector 22.09 is compatible with the Workspace ONE Access Cloud service and with Workspace ONE Access virtual appliance version 22.09 and later versions only.