Settings for Web applications are available on the Resources > Web Apps > Settings dialog box in the Workspace ONE Access console. You can set up an approval flow for applications, manage SAML metadata, and configure third-party identity providers as application sources.

Setting Description
Approvals When you set up approvals, users need to request access to applications before they can use the applications from the catalog.

For information about setting up approvals, see Enabling Application Approval for Resource Usage.

SAML Metadata You can download the self-signed Workspace ONE Access SAML signing certificate and SAML metadata from the Download SAML Metadata tab. If you want to obtain a certificate from a third-party Certificate Authority (CA), you can generate a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) from the Generate CSR tab, obtain the certificate, and upload it on the same tab.

For more information about managing SAML metadata, see Workspace ONE Access Administration.

Application Sources You can configure certain third-party identity providers such as OKTA or ADFS as application sources and then add the associated applications to the catalog.

For information about setting up application sources, see Providing Access to Third-Party Managed Applications in Workspace ONE Access.