VMware recognizes that security is critical for the consumption of Workspace ONE services within a customer organization. This section provides context to all current security settings available for Workspace ONE Access.

Workspace ONE Access security settings restrict capabilities that might be vulnerable to misconfiguration in Workspace ONE Access. Security settings can be different for different versions of Workspace ONE Access. Make sure to check the version compatibility for each security feature.

Break-Glass URL Endpoint /SAAS/Login/0 Security Setting (Workspace ONE Access 21.08 and later)

URL endpoint /SAAS/Login/0 is considered a break-glass URL endpoint because this URL endpoint login bypasses all access policies and attempts to authenticate system domain admins using Password (Local Directory) as the authentication method.

Beginning with Workspace ONE Access version 21.08, access through this URL endpoint is deactivated by default as this access might not meet security compliance for customer environments. To enable this break-glass URL endpoint, see Enabling Break-Glass URL Endpoint /SAAS/Login/0 in Workspace ONE Access (On Premises only).