You upgrade to VMware Workspace ONE® Access™ 22.09 directly from Workspace ONE Access 21.08.X.

For existing deployments, if you prefer a fresh installation to an upgrade, see Installing and Configuring VMware Workspace ONE Access. Remember that a new installation does not preserve your existing configurations.

Supported Upgrade Paths

To upgrade to Workspace ONE Access 22.09, the current version must be Workspace ONE Access 21.08.X.

Note: The table lists the versions that can be upgraded in Workspace ONE Access.
From Workspace ONE Access Version Upgrade to Version
21.08.X 22.09.X
20.10.X 21.08.X
20.01.X 20.10.X

In Workspace ONE Access 22.09, Elasticsearch version 6.8.1 deployed Workspace ONE Access in is migrated to OpenSearch version 1.3.5. Because migrating to OpenSearch version 1.3.5 requires that Elasticsearch be at version 6.X, before you can upgrade to Workspace ONE Access version 22.09, you must upgrade Workspace ONE Access from version 20.10.X to 21.08.X.

Workspace ONE Administration Console Changes in 22.09

After you upgrade to Workspace ONE Access 22.09, you will see a redesigned Workspace ONE Access administration console. The pages are grouped under five tabs - Monitor, Accounts, Resources, Integrations, and Settings, with menus located on the left side panel. In the Monitor tab, the Resiliency section replaces the Dashboard for system diagnostic details and to manage the configuration of the appliance. See Workspace ONE Access Console Features and Settings in the Workspace ONE Access Administration guide.

Intended Audience

This information is intended for administrators of Workspace ONE Access. The information is written for experienced Linux and Windows system administrators who are familiar with VMware technologies, particularly vCenter™, ESX™, and vSphere®, networking concepts, Active Directory servers, databases, backup and restore procedures, Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP), and NTP servers.

Product Version Number

When the upgrade is complete, the new version of Workspace ONE Access is 22.09.X.

Compatibility with Workspace ONE UEM

VMware Product Interoperability Matrix provides details about the compatibility of current and previous versions of VMware products and components, such as VMware Workspace ONE UEM Console.

Internet Connectivity

You can upgrade from version 21.08.X to version 22.09 using either online or offline upgrade methods.

By default, the Workspace ONE Access appliance uses the VMware web site for the upgrade procedure. This method requires the appliance to have Internet connectivity. You must also configure proxy server settings for the appliance, if applicable.

If your virtual appliance does not have Internet connectivity, you can perform the upgrade offline. For an offline upgrade, you download the upgrade package from My VMware. You can either use the updateoffline.hzn script to perform the upgrade or set up a local Web server to host the upgrade file.

Upgrade Process Options for Workspace ONE Access 21.08

  • For your existing deployment, if you deployed a single Workspace ONE Access appliance, upgrade it online or offline as described in Online Upgrading to Workspace ONE Access 22.09 or Upgrading Workspace ONE Access Offline.
    Note: Expect some downtime because all services are stopped during the upgrade. Plan the timing of your upgrade accordingly.
  • For your existing deployment of 21.08.X, if you deployed multiple virtual appliances in a cluster for failover or high availability, see Upgrade a Workspace ONE Access Cluster.
  • To upgrade from Workspace ONE Access with minimal downtime in a multi-data center deployment scenario, see "Upgrading Workspace ONE Access with Minimal Downtime" in Installing and Configuring VMware Workspace ONE Access.