To run a recovery plan or planned migration of your Workspace ONE Access deployment as smoothly as possible, first test the plan to verify that the virtual machines in the Workspace ONE Access deployment recover as expected to the recovery site. After successful tests and requisite cleanup operations, run a recovery plan as necessary for a planned migration or disaster recovery.

You perform a test run of a recovery plan on a test network and on a temporary snapshot of replicated data at the recovery site. The test does not have a permanent effect on the protected or recovery site.

You perform an actual run of a recovery plan on the production deployment of Workspace ONE Access, which significantly affects both sites.


Configure Site Recovery Manager to protect your Workspace ONE Access deployment. The configuration includes the creation of a recovery plan.


  • Follow the instructions provided in Site Recovery Manager Administration about testing and running recovery plans.
    For example, for Site Recovery Manager 8.2, see Site Recovery Manager Administration 8.2.

What to do next

After you run a recovery plan, either for a planned migration or a disaster recovery, perform a failback. See Perform a Failback After a Disaster Recovery or Planned Migration of Workspace ONE Access.