The following upgrade paths and scenarios are supported.

VMware Products That Can Upgrade to VMware Identity Manager 3.3.1

  • vRealize Products such as vRA, vRSLCM, vROps, vRB, vRLI and vRNI for Authentication and SSO
    • vRealize products that are deployed and managed through vRSLCM only can consume VMware Identity Manager 3.3.1.
    • vRLCM will now handle a brand-new installation of VMware Identity Manager 3.3.1 or an upgrade to 3.3.1 from an earlier version of VMware Identity Manager.
  • NSX-T for Authentication and SSO
    • NSX-T can be deployed with VMware Identity Manager 3.3.1 or upgraded to 3.3.1 from an earlier version.

Internet Connectivity

You can upgrade VMware Identity Manager online or offline.

By default, the VMware Identity Manager appliance uses the VMware web site for the upgrade procedure. This requires the appliance to have Internet connectivity. You must also configure proxy server settings for the appliance, if applicable.

If your virtual appliance does not have Internet connectivity, you can perform the upgrade offline. For an offline upgrade, you download the upgrade package from My VMware. You use the updateoffline.hzn script to perform the upgrade.

Upgrade Scenarios

Database Requirements

You can use the internal PostgreSQL database or an external Microsoft SQL database. Both options can provide high availability.

To achieve high availability with the internal PostgreSQL database, you must leverage vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager. See the vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager 8.1 Installation, Upgrade, and Management guide.

For an external Microsoft SQL database configuration, see the 3.3 version of the Installing and Configuring VMware Identity Manager for Linux guide.