When you upgrade from VMware Identity Manager 3.3.1 or 3.3.2 to version 3.3.3, you must specify 3.3.3 as the specific version to upgrade to.



  1. Log in to the VMware Identity Manager virtual appliance as the root user.
  2. Run the following updatemgr.hzn command.
    /usr/local/horizon/update/updatemgr.hzn updateinstaller
  3. To set the upgrade version to 3.3.3, run the correct version of the command, depending on which version of VMware Identity Manager you are upgrading from.
    /usr/local/horizon/update/configureupdate.hzn manifest --set-version


    /usr/local/horizon/update/configureupdate.hzn manifest --set-version

  4. To change the update URL to the 3.3.3 URL, run the following command.
    /usr/local/horizon/update/configureupdate.hzn provider --url https://vapp-updates.vmware.com/vai-catalog/valm/vmw/5C08B358-F782-11E1-8F08-78776188709B/
  5. To update the appliance, run the updatemgr.hzn script.
    /usr/local/horizon/update/updatemgr.hzn update

    The script requires you to provide the password for the connector configuration export file and the location of the dualbootupdate file as parameters. Either, provide the information in the command using the appropriate options (clusterPassword and --file) or by running the command without options and entering the information when prompted.

    clusterPassword The clusterPassword string is a placeholder that you must replace with a password of your creation for the connector configuration file, cluster...enc.
    Note: During the upgrade, VMware Identity Manager generates the cluster-hostname-conn-timestamp.enc file. If applicable, use the file for each embedded-connector and external Linux-based connector instance that you migrate to a replacement external Windows-based connector instance. Migrating to a Windows-based connector instance is required for IWA and Kerberos use cases and recommended for better performance in all use cases.
    --file Use the --file option to provide the location of the dualbootupdate file, the default location of which is /dualbootupdate.tar.gz.

    Messages that occur during the upgrade are saved to the update.log file at /opt/vmware/var/log/update.log.

  6. Restart the virtual appliance.
  7. Verify that the version of the upgraded appliance is 3.3.3.
    vamicli version --appliance
    The new version is displayed.


The upgrade is complete.