Several authentication adapters are available for the VMware Identity Manager Connector in outbound mode, including PasswordIdpAdapter, RSAAIdpAdapter, SecurIDAdapter, and RadiusAuthAdapter. Configure and enable the adapters that you intend to use.

When you created the directory, the Password authentication method was automatically enabled for it. The PasswordIdpAdapter was configured with the information you provided for the directory.


  1. In the VMware Identity Manager console, click the Identity & Access Management tab.
  2. Click Setup, then click the Connectors tab.
    The connector you deployed is listed.
  3. Click the link in the Worker column.
  4. Click the Auth Adapters tab.
    All available authentication adapters for the connector are listed.

    If you have already set up a directory, the PasswordIdpAdapter is already configured and enabled, with the configuration information you specified while creating the directory.

  5. Configure and enable the authentication adapters you want to use by clicking on the link for each and entering the configuration information. You must enable at least one authentication adapter.
    For information on configuring specific authentication adapters, see the VMware Identity Manager Administration Guide.

    For example:

    outbound connector auth methods