You can upgrade the VMware Identity Manager connector virtual appliance online or offline.

Supported Upgrade Paths

The VMware Identity Manager 3.3 release includes connector 2018.8.1.0.

The following upgrade paths are supported:

  • From version 2017.8.1.0 and later to 2018.8.1.0

To upgrade from a version prior to 2017.8.1.0, you must first upgrade to 2017.8.1.0 or later and then upgrade to 2018.8.1.0. When you perform an online upgrade, the latest version to which upgrade is permitted appears. Upgrade to the allowed version and then upgrade to 2018.8.1.0.

Internet Connectivity

By default, the connector uses the VMware Web site for the upgrade procedure, which requires the connector appliance to have Internet connectivity. You must also configure proxy server settings for the connector appliance, if applicable.

If your connector instance does not have an Internet connection, you can perform the upgrade offline. For an offline upgrade, you download the upgrade package from My VMware. You can either use the updateoffline.hzn script to perform the upgrade or set up a local Web server to host the upgrade package.