The XenApp ICA properties in VMware Identity Manager must include the encryption property set to the same encryption level as configured on the XenApp servers in the farm, otherwise users cannot access their Citrix-published applications or desktops.


When a user connects to a Citrix-published resource from VMware Identity Manager, the following error message is displayed.
You do not have the proper encryption level to access this Session


VMware Identity Manager does not set encryption levels. If the encryption level on the XenApp server is set higher than the default setting used in the Citrix-Receiver, users see this error.

You must set a higher encryption level in Workspace.


  1. Log in to the VMware Identity Manager console.
  2. Click the Catalog > Virtual Apps tab, then click Virtual App Settings.
  3. Select Citrix Published Applications.
  4. Make the following changes in both the ICA Configuration and Netscaler ICA Configuration tabs.
    1. Edit the ICA Client Properties text box. To set the encryption level to 128, enter
    2. Edit the ICA Launch Properties text box. To set the encryption level to 128, enter