You can permanently remove a ThinApp package from VMware Identity Manager.

When you delete a ThinApp package from VMware Identity Manager, you permanently remove it. You can no longer entitle users to the ThinApp package unless you add it back to VMware Identity Manager.


  1. Delete the ThinApp package subfolder from the network file share that is the ThinApp package repository connected to VMware Identity Manager.
  2. Delete the application from VMware Identity Manager.
    1. Log in to the VMware Identity Manager console.
    2. Click the Catalog > Virtual Apps tab.
    3. Click Any Application Type > ThinApp Packages.
    4. Search for the ThinApp package to delete.
    5. Click the ThinApp package name to display its resource page.
    6. Click Delete, read the message, and if you agree, click Yes.


The ThinApp package does not exist in your VMware Identity Manager catalog.