The VMware People Search application allows employees in an organization to search for their colleagues and view users details and the organization charts. The application is available for Android and iOS devices.

Before the People Search application can be used, the People Search feature must be enabled in the VMware Identity Manager admin console, Catalog > Settings page. You then select the user profile attributes that you want to display in the People Search application. The attributes are mapped to the corresponding Active Directory attributes. The directory is updated with this information when the directory syncs to the Active Directory.

The People Search application is added as a public application in the AirWatch console and deployed to the app stores. In the console, you can configure settings to manage the application. For information about configuring the People Search application, see the VMware People Search Admin Guide on the AirWatch Resources site.

When users use People Search, the device restriction profiles that are configured in Workspace ONE UEM for Android and iOS devices are adhered to.

Users can search for people by first name, last name, and email address. Based on the attributes that are mapped to the directory, the search results can include the following.

  • Users profile details
  • A profile picture
  • Organization hierarchy of the user
  • Direct reports of the user

From the user profile results page, users can immediately email, call, or text the user.