The VMware Identity Manager System Diagnostics Dashboard displays a detailed overview of the health of the VMware Identity Manager appliances in your environment and information about the services. You can see the overall health across the VMware Identity Manager database server, virtual machines, and the services available on each virtual machine.

From the System Diagnostics Dashboard you can select the virtual machine that you want to monitor and see the status of the services on that virtual machine, including the version of VMware Identity Manager that is installed. If the database or a virtual machine is having problems, the header bar displays the machine status in red. To see the problems, you can select the virtual machine that is displayed in red.


  • User Password Expiration. The expiration dates for the VMware Identity Manager appliance root and remote log in passwords are displayed. If a password expires, go to the Settings page and select VA Configurations. Open the System Security page to change the password.
  • Certificates. The certificate issuer, start date, and end date are displayed. To manage the certificate, go to the Settings page and select VA Configurations. Open the Install Certificate page.
  • Configurator - Application Deployment Status. The Appliance Configurator services information is displayed. Web Server Status shows whether the Tomcat Server is running. The Web Application Status shows whether the Appliance Configurator page can be accessed. The appliance version shows the version of the VMware Identity Manager appliance that is installed.
  • Application Manager - Application Deployment Status. The VMware Identity Manager Appliance connection status is displayed.
  • Connector - Application Deployment Status. The administration console connection status is displayed. When Connection successful is displayed, you can access the VMware Identity Manager console pages.
  • VMware Identity Manager FQDN. Shows the fully qualified domain name that users enter to access their VMware Identity Manager App portal. The VMware Identity Manager FQDN points to the load balancer when a load balancer is being used.
  • Application Manager - Integrated Components. The VMware Identity Manager database connection, audit services, and analytics connection information is displayed.
  • Connector - Integrated Components. Information about services that are managed from the Connector Services Admin pages is displayed. Information about ThinApp, View, and Citrix Published App resources is displayed.
  • Modules. Displays resources that are enabled in VMware Identity Manager. Click Enabled to go to the Connector Services Admin page for that resource.