Review the user attributes that are set for all VMware Identity Manager directories in the User Attributes page and modify them, if necessary. When a user is provisioned through Just-in-Time provisioning, the SAML assertion is used to create the user. Only those attributes in the SAML assertion that match the attributes listed in the User Attributes page are used.

Important: If an attribute is marked required in the User Attributes page, the SAML assertion must include the attribute, otherwise login fails.

When you make changes to the user attributes, consider the effect on other directories and configurations in your tenant. The User Attributes page applies to all directories in your tenant.

Note: You do not have to mark the domain attribute required.


  1. In the administration console, click the Identity & Access Management tab.
  2. Click Setup and click User Attributes.
  3. Review the attributes and make changes, if necessary.

    user attributes