When the VMware Identity Manager connector is initially configured, when you enable the connector to authenticate users, a Workspace IDP is created as the identity provider and password authentication is enabled.

Additional connectors can be configured behind different load balancers. When your environment includes more than one load balancer, you can configure a different Workspace identity provider for authentication in each load balanced configuration. See the Installing Additional Connector Appliances topics in the Installing and Configuring VMWare Identity Manager Guide.

The different Workspace identity providers can be associated with the same directory or if you have multiple directors configured, you can select which directory to use.


  1. In the VMware Identity Manager console, Identity & Access Management tab, select Manage > Identity Providers.
  2. Click Add Identity Provider and select Create Workspace IDP.
  3. Edit the identity provider instance settings.
    Option Description
    Identity Provider Name Enter a name for this Workspace identity provider instance.
    Users Select the VMware Identity Manager directory of the users who can authenticate using this Workspace identity provider.
    Connector(s) Connectors that are not associated with the directory you selected are listed. Select the connector to associate to the directory.

    The existing network ranges configured in the service are listed.

    Select the network ranges for the users based on their IP addresses that you want to direct to this identity provider instance for authentication.

  4. Click Add.