For each policy rule, you can create a custom access denied error message that displays when users attempt to sign in and fail because their credentials are invalid.

The custom message can include a message and a link to another URL to help users resolve their issues. You can use up to 4000 characters, which are about 650 words.


  1. In the VMware Identity Manager console Identity & Access Management tab, select Manage > Policies.
  2. Select the access policy to edit.
  3. Click Edit and then Next.
  4. Select the rule to edit.
  5. Click Advanced Properties and in the Custom Error Message text box, type the error message.
  6. To add a link to a URL, in the Custom Error Link text text box enter the message to display as the link that sends users to another screen when authentication fails.
    The link is displayed at the end of the custom message. If you do not add a message in the Link text box but add a URL, the link that displays is
  7. In the Custom Error Link URL text box, enter the URL.
  8. Click Save and then click Next and click Save again.

What to do next

Create custom error messages for other policy rules.