Active Directory users and groups are synced into the VMware Identity Manager service through the VMware Identity Manager Connector.

A schedule can be created to sync users and groups either weekly, daily, every hour or every 15 minutes. You can also select to manually sync users and groups. When you set the schedule to manually, on the Directories page, you can click Sync Now next to a directory to start the sync process.

Schedule the sync intervals to be longer than the time to sync. If users and groups are being synced to the directory when the next sync is scheduled, the new sync starts immediately after the end of the previous sync. With this schedule, the sync process is continuous.


  1. To set the sync frequency settings for users and groups, in the Identity & Access Management tab select Directories.
  2. Select the directory to set the sync schedule.
  3. Click Sync Settings.
  4. In the Sync Frequency tab, set the sync frequency, the day, and the time of day to run.
    Note: The hour to start the sync configured in the Time text box is based on the VMware Identity Manager Connector-configured time zone.
  5. Click Save.

What to do next

Review the sync safeguard limits configured in the Safeguards tab. See Setting up Directory Sync Safeguards.