The VMware Identity Manager service requires a database to store and organize server data.

You can use the internal PostgreSQL database or an external Microsoft SQL database. Both options can provide high availability.

An internal PostgreSQL database is embedded in the VMware Identity Manager appliance and is configured and ready to use by default. To achieve high availability with the internal PostgreSQL database, you must leverage vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager. See the vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager Installation, Upgrade, and Management guide.

To use an external Microsoft SQL database, your database administrator must prepare an empty Microsoft SQL Server database and schema before you install VMware Identity Manager. When you connect to the Microsoft SQL server, you enter the name of the instance you want to connect to and the authentication mode. You can select either Windows Authentication mode and specify the domain\username or SQL Server Authentication mode and specify the local user name and password.

You connect to the external database connection when you run the VMware Identity Manager Setup wizard. You can also go to the Appliance Settings > VA Configuration > Database Connection Setup page to configure the connection to the external database.