Logging from the VMware Identity Manager service and the VMware Identity Manager connector components is available using syslog. The Integration Broker component logs locally. The logs can be collected and reviewed on the server or through a central logging service such as vRealize Log Insight or Splunk.

VMware Identity Manager Service and Connector Logging

Log Locations

Most service and connector logs are located in the following location:

  • VMware Identity Manager Linux virtual appliance: /opt/vmware/horizon/workspace/logs/
  • VMware Identity Manager on Windows: \<Install_Dir>\VMware Identity Manager\opt\vmware\horizon\workspace\logs
Log Purpose
greenbox_web.log Log which contains all user interface interactions for web and mobile
horizon.log VMware Identity Manager service log which includes Identity Adapters, RabbitMQ, Elasticsearch, Ehcache, and other subsystems
connector.log VMware Identity Manager connector log for all authentication methods and integrations with Horizon and Citrix
cert-proxy.log VMware Identity Manager service CertProxy component for Android Mobile SSO
configurator.log Requests that the Configurator receives from the REST client and the Web interface
/opt/vmware/var/log/update.log A record of output messages related to update requests during an upgrade of VMware Identity Manager
/opt/vmware/var/log/vami/ The files in the /opt/vmware/var/log/vami directory are useful for troubleshooting. You can find these files on all virtual machines after an upgrade.
catalina.log Apache Tomcat records of messages that are not recorded in other log files
/var/log/messages iOS KDC logs for Mobile SSO

Syslog Server Setup

To set up a syslog server, see Configure a Syslog Server.

Integration Broker Logging

Integration Broker logs are located in the following location:


The logs are captured by day and contain all REST API calls made to and by Integration Broker.