Before you set up the secondary data center, verify that the cluster in the primary data center is set up correctly. Also verify that the embedded components Elasticsearch and Ehcache are clustered correctly.

Elasticsearch and Ehcache are embedded in the VMware Identity Manager service. Elasticsearch is a search and analytics engine used for auditing, reports, and directory sync logs. Ehcache provides caching capabilities.


You set up a VMware Identity Manager cluster in the primary data center and configured the nodes for Elasticsearch replication.


  1. In the VMware Identity Manager console, select the Dashboard > System Diagnostics Dashboard tab.
  2. On the top panel, locate the cluster information.

    Cluster group

  3. Verify that the instances are grouped correctly by checking the Cluster IDs of the instances, and make changes if necessary.
    All instances in a cluster must have the same Cluster ID.
    • To update the Cluster ID of an instance, click the pencil icon next to the number.
    • To remove an instance from the cluster, click Remove.
  4. For each instance listed in the left pane, scroll down to the Integrated Components section and verify that the Elasticsearch and Ehcache cluster information is correct.
    For example:
    Integrated Components section

What to do next

Create a cluster in the secondary data center. Create the nodes by exporting the OVA file of the first VMware Identity Manager virtual appliance from the primary data center cluster and using it to deploy the new virtual appliances in the secondary data center.