Welcome to the VMware Workspace ONE Access documentation center (formerly called VMware Identity Manager). Use the navigation on the left to browse through documentation for your release of Workspace ONE Access.

Note: Documentation for VMware Identity Manager releases 19.03 and 3.3 are also available from this documentation center.

Resources to Get You Started

Read the Release notes to find out about the latest release’s new features and known issues.

Workspace ONE Access 20.01 introduced a revised connector on a Windows server with the ability to install different components individually. Documentation supporting this installation includes Installing the Connector and Migrating to Workspace ONE Access 20.01 Connectors. Documentation about configuring the components include Directory Integration with Workspace ONE Access and Managing User Authentication Methods.

Starting with version 20.01, the Workspace ONE Access service is available on-premises solely on Linux. To migrate from a Windows machine to the Workspace ONE Access appliance for 20.01, use the Migrating to Workspace ONE Access 20.01 document to guide you through the migration steps.

To learn about the new Hub Catalog, see Using Hub Catalog in Workspace ONE Access Deployments.

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More Ways to Learn About Workspace ONE Access

For technical marketing information about Workspace ONE Access, go to VMware Digital Workspace Tech Zone's Master Workspace ONE Access.

Want to use Workspace ONE Access features in a virtual environment to learn about them, access VMware Hands-on Labs Online.

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