Sync basic user accounts to the Workspace ONE Access service. When basic accounts are synced, users can use the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub app for single sign-on access to their app resources.



  1. In the Workspace ONE UEM console Groups & Settings, All Settings page, select your Global > Customer-level organization group and navigate to System > Enterprise Integration> Workspace ONE Access.
  2. Click Configuration.
    The Workspace ONE Access page opens and your tenant URL and admin name are listed in the Server section.
  3. Select Enabled for Basic User Sync.
  4. In the Map Attribute section that displays, select the basic user attribute to sync to the Workspace ONE Access Local UEM directory.
  5. Click Save.


A directory named UEMLocalDirectory_{your-groupid} is created in the Workspace ONE Access service and basic users are synced to the directory.

Note: If the sync to the Workspace ONE Access service fails for any reason, click Sync Now to start the sync again.

What to do next

Review the Users and Groups page in the Workspace ONE Access console to verify that the all basic users are synced.