The Password (Workspace ONE UEM) authentication method authenticates using AirWatch Cloud Connector through the Workspace ONE UEM service. You enable User Password Authentication through Workspace ONE UEM in the Workspace ONE Access console Integrations > UEM Integration page and associate the authentication method to a built-in identity provider.

Important: The Password Authentication with Workspace ONE UEM authentication method does not work when Workspace ONE UEM is unreachable or unavailable for any reason, including planned maintenance and unplanned outages.

After you associate the authentication methods in the built-in identity provider, you create access policies to apply to this authentication method.


  1. In the Workspace ONE Access console Integrations > UEM Integrations page, enable Workspace ONE UEM Password Authentication and click Save.
    The AirWatch Cloud Connector configuration details are saved to the Integrations > Authentication Methods > Password (with Workspace ONE UEM) page.
  2. In the Integrations > Authentication Methods page, select Password (with Workspace ONE UEM) and click CONFIGURE.
  3. Set the Number of authentication attempts allowed. The other text boxes are pre-popuated with the configured Workspace ONE UEM values.
    Option Description
    Enable Workspace ONE UEM Password Authentication When enabled Workspace ONE UEM password authentication is available as an authentication method.
    Workspace ONE UEM Admin Console URL Prepopulated with the Workspace ONE UEM URL.

    Workspace ONE UEM API Key

    Prepopulated with the Workspace ONE UEM Admin API key.

    Workspace ONE UEM Group ID Prepopulated with the organization group ID.
    Number of authentication attempts allowed The maximum number of failed login attempts when using the Workspace ONE UEM password for authentication. No more login attempts are allowed after the failed logins reach this number. The Workspace ONE Access service tries to use the fallback authentication method if it is configured. The default is five attempts.
  4. Click SAVE.
    Important: When the Workspace ONE UEM service details applicable to this authentication method change, make sure that you update the Workspace ONE UEM configuration in the Workspace ONE Access console. Otherwise this authentication method might fail.

What to do next

Enable Password (with Workspace ONE UEM) as an authentication method in a built-in identity provider.