You can upgrade to the Windows-based VMware Identity Manager connector from version to get the latest security updates and resolved issues. The connector supports Virtual Apps, specifically Horizon, Horizon Cloud, and Citrix integrations with Workspace ONE Access (formerly called VMware Identity Manager).

Important: VMware Identity Manager connector is supported to be used with Workspace ONE Access Cloud or on premises 20.10 or later versions.

To upgrade the VMware Identity Manager connector, you download the connector from My VMware and run the installer. You do not need to uninstall the version of the connector.

After upgrade, you do not need to generate a new activation code for the connector or activate it again. Your existing configuration applies to the upgraded connector.


  • If your connector installation is on a virtual Windows server, take a snapshot of the virtual machine before upgrading.
  • If you have configured a directory of type Active Directory over Integrated Windows Authentication (IWA), disable the STARTTLS option in the directory configuration in the VMware Identity Manager console before upgrading to the connector. After upgrade, the functionality of Active Directory over IWA will be incompatible with the STARTTLS option.

    To edit the directory configuration, navigate to the Identity & Access Management > Manage > Directories page, select the directory, deselect the This directory requires all connections to use STARTTLS check box, and click Save.

    Note: If you applied the hotfix described in Knowledge Base article 77158 to connector 19.03, you might have already disabled the STARTTLS option for Active Directory over IWA. Verify that the setting is disabled.
  • You need your My VMware credentials to download the connector installer.


  1. Download VMware Identity Manager Connector from My VMware.
    1. Log in to
    2. Navigate to the VMware Workspace ONE Access 19.03 Download page.
    3. Download VMware Identity Manager Connector
  2. Save the installer file on the Windows server on which the earlier version of the connector is installed.
  3. Double-click the VMware_Identity_Manager_Connector_19.03.0.1_Installer.exe file and follow the prompts to complete the upgrade.

    The installer detects that an upgrade is needed and guides you through the upgrade process.

    Note: During upgrade, if the installer detects an earlier version of the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) on the Windows server than the one packaged with the installer, you are prompted to install the new JRE version.
  4. After upgrade finishes successfully, verify that the IDM Connector service is running on the Windows server.
  5. If JRE is upgraded during the connector upgrade, reboot the Windows server after the upgrade is complete.
    Rebooting the server sets the JAVA_HOME variable to the latest JRE that is installed with the upgrade, enabling the connector to use the latest JRE.


The connector upgrade is complete. You can verify that the new version of the connector is installed by navigating to Control Panel > Programs > Programs & Features on the Windows server and checking the connector version listed.

What to do next

If you have a directory of type Active Directory over IWA, do not enable the STARTTLS option for the directory in the VMware Identity Manager console after installing or upgrading to the connector. Active Directory over IWA does not work with the STARTTLS option.