Add and configure the VMware Workspace ONE SAML app in the Okta Admin console.


If you are using the Okta developer dashboard, switch to the Classic UI first. If you see a <> Developer prompt in the top left, click it and select Classic UI to switch to the Classic UI. Use the Classic UI for all the tasks in this document.


  1. Log in to your Okta org and navigate to the Admin user interface.
  2. Navigate to Applications > Applications.
  3. Click Browse App Catalog.
  4. Search for VMware Workspace ONE.
    The VMware Workspace ONE app information page displays.
  5. Click Add.

    The VMware Workspace ONE app page has overview information about the app and includes an Add button.
  6. In the Add VMware Workspace ONE page, under General Settings, enter your Workspace ONE Access tenant URL in the Base URL text box.
    For example: or

    The page has example values. The Application label is VMware Workspace ONE and the Base URL is
  7. Click Done.
  8. Select the Sign On tab.
  9. In the Settings section, under SAML 2.0, right-click the Identity Provider metadata link and copy the link.


    You need this information for the next task, creating an identity provider in Workspace ONE Access.

  10. Select the Assignments tab and assign the app to the users or groups who need to access Workspace ONE Access.
    You can assign the app to a few users at first to test the integration.