After you set up Okta as a SAML identity provider in Workspace ONE Access, add the newly-created Okta authentication method to access policies in Workspace ONE Access. Update the default access policy, and other policies as needed.

You need to add the Okta authentication method to the default access policy so that Okta is used as the sign in provider for the Workspace ONE catalog. The default access policy governs login to the catalog, and any apps configured in Workspace ONE Access that do not have another policy definition already.


  1. In the Workspace ONE Access console, select Resources > Policies.
  2. Click Edit Default Policy.
  3. In the Edit Policy wizard, click Configuration.
  4. Click the policy rule for Web browsers.
    1. Set Okta authentication as the authentication method.
      If a user's network range is: ALL RANGES
      and the user is accessing content from: Web Browser
      Then perform this action: Authenticate using
      then the user may authenticate using: Okta Auth Method
      Note: For Okta Auth Method, select the authentication method you created for the IDP in Create a New SAML Identity Provider in Workspace ONE Access.
    2. Click Save.
  5. Edit other policies as needed to add the Okta authentication method.