To integrate a Citrix deployment with the Workspace ONE Access service, you need the following components.

  • A Workspace ONE Access cloud service tenant or on-premises instance.
  • One or more instances of the Virtual App service deployed on premises. The Virtual App service is a component of Workspace ONE Access Connector 21.08 and later. You can download the connector from the Workspace ONE Access product page on VMware Customer Connect.

    A maximum of five connector instances is supported per Citrix virtual apps collection.

    When you install the Virtual App service, make sure that you follow the requirements and prerequisites for Citrix integration described in the Installing VMware Workspace ONE Access Connector guide. These requirements include:

    • The Virtual App service server must be joined to the directory domain.
    • You must specify a domain user account to use to run the Virtual App service. That domain user must also be a Citrix server Read Only administrator who is able to load the Citrix PSSnapin.
    • You must install Citrix Studio on the Virtual App service server. Citrix Studio includes the Citrix PowerShell SDK, which is required for the integration between Citrix and Workspace ONE Access. The Citrix Studio version must be compatible with your Citrix deployment version.
  • A Citrix deployment on premises.

While deploying the on-premise components, make sure that you meet the following requirements:

  • All instances of the Virtual App service must be able to communicate with the Citrix server farm.
  • All instances of the Virtual App service must be able to communicate with Citrix StoreFront.

All communication between the Workspace ONE Access service and the on-premise components is through the connector. The connector and the service communicate over a communication channel that is automatically set up during installation.

Note: Using the latest available version of Workspace ONE Access and its components is recommended.