You can enable password caching in the Workspace ONE Access console to provide single sign on for users running Horizon, Horizon Cloud, and Citrix virtual apps from the Intelligent Hub app or portal. Once users’ passwords are cached, they are not required to enter their passwords again while running virtual apps in the same login session.

When the password caching option is enabled, users’ passwords are cached either when they first log in or when they first run a virtual app, based on the authentication methods configured.

  • If a user logs into the Intelligent Hub app or portal using password authentication, the password is cached at login.
  • If a user logs into the Intelligent Hub app or portal using a non-password authentication method such as certificate or third-party IDP, the user is required to enter a password the first time they launch a Horizon, Horizon Cloud, or Citrix app. The password is then cached.
    Note: Users are not prompted for passwords for Horizon or Horizon Cloud integrations that have True SSO configured.

The password caching option was introduced in the Workspace ONE Access Cloud 2006 release in June 2020 with the following defaults:

  • The option is turned on for existing Workspace ONE Access tenants that have Horizon without True SSO, Horizon Cloud without True SSO, or Citrix integrations configured.
  • The option is turned off for all other existing tenants and for new tenants.
Important: For Horizon and Horizon Cloud integrations, setting up True SSO instead of password caching to provide a single sign on experience is recommended.


  1. In the Workspace ONE Access console, select Settings > Login Preferences.
  2. In the Password Caching section, select or deselect the Enable check box based on your preferences.