In the Workspace ONE Access console, you can view details about the desktop and application pools synced from your Horizon Cloud environment to Workspace ONE Access.

Note: This topic applies to Workspace ONE Access integration with Horizon Cloud Service on Microsoft Azure with Single-Pod Broker or Horizon Cloud Service on IBM Cloud, using Workspace ONE Access connector version 22.05 or later.


  1. In the Workspace ONE Access console, select Resources > Virtual Apps.
    The virtual apps list includes desktops and applications synced from Horizon Cloud.
  2. To view only Horizon Cloud desktops and applications, click the icon in the Type column heading and select Horizon Cloud Desktop and Horizon Cloud Application.
    You can also search for a specific desktop or application by its name.

    The Virtual Apps page displays only applications of type Horizon Cloud Desktop and Horizon Cloud Application.
  3. Click a desktop or application.
    The Definition section in the desktop or application page lists attributes synced from the Horizon Cloud tenant, such as the following:
    • Desktop or application UUID
    • Pool name, Pool ID, and Pool Domain
    • Desktop operating system
    • Supported launch clients

    See the Horizon Cloud documentation for information about these attributes.

    You cannot edit these attributes from the Workspace ONE Access console.

    Note: On this page, you can also view Workspace ONE Access settings for the application or desktop, such as categories, access policies, and licensing. You can edit these settings by clicking Edit at the top of the page.