To manage access to applications that require approval from your organization, you enable the global Enable Approvals option in Workspace ONE Access and configure licensing for specific applications.

When licensing is configured for an application, users view the application in their catalog and request use of the application. The application icon then displays a pending notification.

Workspace ONE Access sends the approval request message to the organization's configured approval REST endpoint URL. The server workflow process reviews the request and sends back an approved or denied message to Workspace ONE Access. When an application is approved, the Pending notification changes to Added and the application displays in the user's catalog.

Two approval engines are available.

  • REST API. The REST API approval engine uses an external approval tool that routes through your Webserver REST API to perform the request and approval responses. You enter your REST API URL in the Workspace ONE Access service and configure your REST APIs with the Workspace ONE Access OAuth client credential values and the call out request and response action.
  • REST API via Connector. The REST API via Connector approval engine routes the callback calls through the connector using the Websocket-based communication channel. You configure your REST API endpoint with the call out request and response action.

You can view the Workspace ONE Access resource usage and resource entitlements reports to see the number of approved applications being used.