In addition to Web applications, you can integrate VMware Horizon applications and desktops, applications and desktops running on Horizon Cloud Service on Microsoft Azure with Single-Pod Broker or Horizon Cloud Service on IBM Cloud, Citrix-published applications and desktops, and ThinApp packaged applications with Workspace ONE Access to provide end users access to these resources from the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub app or portal. To integrate these resources, you create virtual apps collections in the Workspace ONE Access console.

To create and manage all types of virtual apps collections, you must install the Virtual App service, which is a component of Workspace ONE Access connector. See the latest version of Installing VMware Workspace ONE Access Connector for information.

Note: Integration with Horizon Cloud Service on Microsoft Azure with Universal Broker environments is configured from the Horizon Cloud console and does not require the Virtual App service or virtual apps collections. See Providing Access to VMware Horizon Cloud Service Desktops and Applications in Workspace ONE Access for information on the types of Horizon Cloud environments supported and how they are integrated with Workspace ONE Access.