In addition to Web applications, you can integrate Horizon desktops and applications, Horizon Cloud desktops and applications, Citrix published applications and desktops, and ThinApp packaged applications with Workspace ONE Access to provide end users access to these resources from the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub app or portal. These resources are called Virtual Apps in the Workspace ONE Access console and are managed through the Virtual Apps Collections feature.

Important: Citrix, Horizon, Horizon Cloud, and ThinApp integrations are not available with the Workspace ONE Access 20.10 or 20.01 connectors.
  • To use ThinApp packaged applications, use VMware Identity Manager connector (Linux) version 2018.8.1.0.
  • To use other Virtual Apps, such as Horizon desktops and applications or Citrix published resources, use VMware Identity Manager connector (Windows) version