By integrating VMware ThinApp® packages with Workspace ONE Access, you can centrally distribute and manage ThinApp packages. ThinApp packages are virtualized Windows applications that are used on Windows systems. Users install the Workspace ONE Access Desktop application on their Windows systems, and can then launch and use the ThinApp packages that are assigned to them.

Workspace ONE Access Windows connector versions 22.09 and later support integration with ThinApp. You must install the Virtual App service component of the connector on a supported Windows server. After you install the Virtual App service, you can create a virtual apps collection in the Workspace ONE Access console to set up the ThinApp integration.

After syncing the virtual apps collection, you can see the ThinApp packages in the Resources > Virtual Apps page and assign the packages to users and groups.

For requirements for both Workspace ONE Access and ThinApp, see Requirements for ThinApp Integration with Workspace ONE Access.

About ThinApp Packages

In the ThinApp capture and build processes, you create a virtual application from a Windows application. That virtualized Windows application can run on a Windows system without that system having the original Windows application installed. The ThinApp package is the set of virtual application files generated by running the ThinApp capture and build processes on a Windows application. The package includes the primary data container file and entry point files to access the Windows application.

Not every ThinApp package is compatible with Workspace ONE Access. When you capture a Windows application, the default settings in the ThinApp capture-and-build process create a package that Workspace ONE Access cannot distribute and manage. You create a ThinApp package that Workspace ONE Access can distribute and manage by setting the appropriate parameters during the capture and build processes. See the VMware ThinApp documentation for detailed information on ThinApp features and the appropriate parameters to use to create a package compatible with Workspace ONE Access.