To integrate your on-premises Horizon 7, Horizon 6, or View deployment with your Workspace ONE Access tenant, make sure that you set up all the required components and follow the high-level deployment considerations listed here.

You need the following components.

  • A Workspace ONE Access tenant
  • A Workspace ONE Access connector, version 2.7 or later, installed on premises

    You can download the connector from

  • A Horizon 7, Horizon 6, or View deployment on premises

While deploying the on-premise components, ensure that the Workspace ONE Access connector can communicate with the Horizon Connection Server instances.

All communication between the Workspace ONE Access service and the on-premise components is through the connector. The connector and the service communicate over a communication channel that is automatically set up during installation.

The following diagram depicts a Workspace ONE Access-Horizon integration.

Figure 1. Workspace ONE Access and Horizon Integration

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